The Lost Memories

This story is about a Jewish German family taken them away to a camp during WW2. The daughter of the family, Klara wants to escape but her older brother, August refused. He said it was because it’s a bad idea and it’s their fate to be in the camp. Instead, she escapes with a nine year old German boy named Lambert. They have to go through hard things in the woods and try not to get caught by the Nazis. Will they survive or end up getting caught?

Main characters

Klara Messer(11)

August Messer(13)

Amelia Messer (mother of August and Klara)

Knut Messer (father of August and Klara)


Beatrix (15) (Lambert’s older sister)

August has a fancy WW2 pin with the Jewish star on it and it’s golden. Knut gave it to August because he wanted to pass it to the next generation in his family. Later on, August gave it to Klara to show that this is who you are. After Klara and Lambert escaped, Klara gave Lambert to show they are friends, but Lambert gave it back to Klara before he died.


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  1. Me#9
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 20:56:59

    This is so good! Let your imagine fly, and make these stories! You know, when I read, I feel like I’m in a dream. So you, in a way, are creating a dream! Keep it up!


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