The Medieval Tales

Another combination series that is historical fiction. It’s set in places in the world during the Middle Ages. This inspiration was learning about it in my social studies class. It lead me to do the Medieval Tales. I think you will like the stories from these trilogies.

I’ll tell you what goes first in this group of trilogies. It’s called The Medieval Twins Trilogy. This trilogy is taken place in early Middle Ages in England. I really like this trilogy a lot. It’s a story about destiny, selfishness, hope, and unite a man with his land. (No romance in this trilogy). The next is not a trilogy. It’s a volume 1 and 2. It’s called Prince Isamu. This one is taken place in Japan. It’s about honor, revenge, and to avenge the death of a Japanese Emperor. (Little romance in volume 1).

Up next is a trilogy of the Muslims in Middle Ages. It’s called The Secrets of Jerusalem Trilogy. It takes place the city of Jerusalem in the time of the Third Crusade. This trilogy is about mystery, war, and the similarities between Europeans and Muslims. You’ll really like this trilogy because it is like a compare and contrast essay. Finally a romantic trilogy in the wilderness of West Africa. This one is called The Cheetah Queen. It’s about fate, chance, jealousy, and how one exiled prince became West Africa’s Greatest Lion King of Mali.

The fifth trilogy of this combination series is called Hernan’s Secret Trilogy. I know this isn’t a medieval times story but, I think this one is pretty interesting because this lead to fall of the Aztecs and Hernan had his own Pocahontas. This trilogy is about about love, betrayal, and how one man to take Mexico under his control. The next trilogy is the very last one. It’s called The Eternal Legend Trilogy. It’s about wonder, love, and the bounding between a brother and sister.

If you want to know more information about this combination series I’ll put more posts up to tell more about the books and it’s characters. I hope you like this combination series and you’ll be able to read one of these trilogies.😄🌺


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