The Medieval Twins

I’ve told you about my historical fiction combination series called The Medieval Tales. Well, this will be the first trilogy of The Medieval Tales. I believe you will really like this trilogy the most. The series plot is about two twin brothers and how one of them will one day control their family’s land as a lord of England.

The three books are:
1.The Medieval Twins
2.The Lucky Twin
3.The Knight’s Destiny

I think these titles are pretty good. I usually tell you the characters first. But, I feel like this trilogy is so special that I will tell you about my inspiration for for this trilogy. I was in social studies class and we were learning about medieval Europe. The lords of feudalism, it’s history, etc. anyway I’ve learned that after the lord dies, the land will pass down to his oldest son. But, what if the lord had twin sons. (Lords of feudalism were very selfish). This lead to the inspiration of the Medieval Twins.

I will now tell you about the characters of this wonderful trilogy. The main character is a squire (who becomes a knight in the third book) is named Abel Godfrey. His ages are 14 in book one and two but turns 23 in the third book. Serfs that work on Abel’s father’s land say that Abel should’ve been chosen as the heir of his father’s land. But, Abel’s father is a selfish lord that only cares about Abel’s twin brother. Abel’s evil twin brother is Galen. He’s the same age and looks a lot like Abel but, he is just like his father. Galen is selfish, cruel, and gets what ever he wants. His father calls him the lucky twin. As you will read this trilogy you’ll ask yourself one question. Which twin will dominate all?

The lord of this trilogy who is Abel’s father. His name is Lord Brendan Godfrey of the Godfrey Land. He is the one who made Galen a ruthless person. He chosen Galen as his heir to his land. Lord Brendan doesn’t trust anyone because he thinks they are weak and pathetic. The only people he trusts are Galen, his wife, and a lord named Lord Eric Ward. In fact, Lord Brendan and Lord Eric have trusted each other for years. This is a reason why Abel was sent to live with Lord Eric. Not only was Eric a good knight, Eric and Brendan trusted each other as friends.

The next character I will introduce to you is Lady Gillian. She’s the twin’s mother and Lord Brendan’s wife. She loves her twin sons but, she felt a little sad for her son, Abel. She wanted Abel and Galen to control the Godfrey land. But, she never told her husband because she was afraid what he might say to her. I know in The Medieval Tales, there wasn’t going to be any romance but, I have changed my mind about that. In the second book, Abel was once friends with Lord Brendan’s vessel’s daughter named Hayley Payne. Abel then learns to trust her and he vows that one day, he would marry her.

I will put some nuns into this trilogy. These nuns lost their monastery after a cruel battle against two lords. The leader of the nuns is Mother Addison. She is a kind hearted nun who sees Abel as a gift from God. She went through a life of peace and kindness. Unfortunately, she dies in the third book. All the nuns are young women. The youngest of them all is a nun named Sister Elva. She is a year younger than Abel and follows the footsteps of mother Addison. When Mother Addison dies, Elva takes over as the leader of the nuns, finds a monastery and leaves the Godfrey and Ward lands.

Abel isn’t alone while he takes on the challenges of becoming a knight. Lord Eric’s son Keaton Ward is the only squire that is Abel’s friend. Keaton is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and be like his father. But, his mother, Lady Corliss, is afraid of her son getting hurt. Lord Eric isn’t worried because he knows that Abel and Keaton are very good squires and will become very powerful knights. One last character I would like to introduce is Abel’s horse named Codi. She was born in the first book and she later become Abel’s trusted horse in battle. There are a lot more characters in this trilogy but, these are the only one I will introduce now.

I hope you would like this trilogy and the characters of it. This trilogy will become one of the favorites in the Medieval Tales. And if you have a favorite character already, then write down below who it is and why you like that character. 😊🌺


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