Prince Isamu

This is the next tale that comes after the Medieval Twins, as I told you in the Medieval Tales post. This tale is about honor, revenge, and to avenge the death of a Japanese emperor. But, this is not a trilogy. They are volumes. This story tells how one man became the emperor of Japan by overthrowing his evil aunt.

Here are the volumes:
1. The Evil Empress
2. The Life of Exile
3. The Hero’s Destiny

There are different characters in each volume. It may get confusing to know which character is the main one. Just find a way to keep tack of them all. In volume one, the main character is Princess Rin. Princess Rin is the emperor’s stepdaughter. She was born in a clan that was now long forgotten. She and her mother were taken in the emperor’s palace and the emperor married Rin’s mother. She is also Sora’s stepsister and is nineteen years old. Princess Sora is emperor’s daughter from his first wife. Unfortunately, her mother died from an unknown illness. Sora did have an older brother, but he was killed in bloody battle. Which made Sora the heir to her father’s throne. Sora is fourteen years old in this volume. I know I said there was going to be two volumes but, I change my mind.

The next character is Emperor Daichi who is the emperor of all of Japan. He is Sora’s father and Rin’s stepfather. He ruled Japan for thirty four years. He brought an era of peace and goodness. But, that all changed when he was murdered by his second wife, Empress Izumi. You see, a long time ago before Daichi’s family became the royal family. They were at war with another clan who wanted to rule Japan. They were soon exiled but what Daichi didn’t know was that Izumi and Rin were from this rivaling clan. Their goal to take control of Japan is for filled by murdering the emperor so, Rin can control Japan as empress. She later became known as the Evil Empress of Japan.

In volume two, the position of the characters change. The main character in volume two is our Princess Sora. She now an exiled princess who is running away from her stepmother and her stepsister, after her father has been murdered. She find herself in a village that will except her as one of their clan members. Sora is now seventeen years old. So, what happen to Princess Rin? Well, she took her stepfather’s throne and she is planing to kill Sora when she finds her. Empress Izumi has become a loyal servant to Empress Rin. Even though she’s an old woman, Izumi has been in many battles. The empress’s has always thought of finding a husband and giving birth to an heir. Rin is afraid that the husband would take control of all Japan.

The next character to appear is Hayato. He is the one who founded Sora and took her in as a member of his clan. Later on, the two fell in love and end up being married. Hayato is a very kind person and is a very good hunter. His father is a shogun and Hayato wants to be one as well. When Hayato asked Sora to marry her, his father was so pleased that he agreed to let them marry. If Empress Rin can not give birth to an heir. Sora will give birth to a son that will become the next emperor of Japan.

In the very last volume, the new main character is Sora’s son. His name is Prince Isamu. He’s the heir to his grandfather’s throne and he has a destiny to take down his aunt to restore his family’s dynasty. His father who is Hayato is a shogun and his mother is an exiled princess who is Sora. All his life, he thought that he was special. Being a prince is what made him unique. We still have a normal cast of characters except for Izumi because she was killed at the end of the second volume. Empress Rin doesn’t trust Prince Isamu because Rin knows that Isamu is her nephew. She’ll do anything to kill Isamu. But this will bring the era of the Evil Empress to an end.

I hope you like this post and comment down below about your thoughts, feelings, and opinions down below and I’ll tell you more of my story ideas. šŸ˜„šŸ’œ


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  1. Karen
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 10:24:41

    This is fantastic! I can’t wait to read all of your entries.


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