Grimm Academy

I wanted to tell you guys about my Grimm Academy series because I feel very excited about it. I do have other fairy tale ideas but I just want start my Grimm Academy. I believe that you will like this series. It’s about a young girl who goes to a school in Carmel, California. When she realize that this school is a school of fairy tale characters, she does all she can to fit in to her new school.

The books are called:
1. Grimm Academy
2. The Magnificant Master
3. The Giant Theif
4. The Violet Witch

Who is main character of this series? A young girl named Emilie “Lea” Marchand will be my main character of the series. Lea is a girl that was born and lived in Carmel with her parents, Belle and Pierre Marchand. Lea is 14 years old in this series. There are hints to tell that Lea is a French descendant because Lea is a French name. But, Emilie just uses that name as a nickname. There’s also her surname, Marchand. That names means merchant in French. Lea is special but I’m not going to say more about her now.

Lea does make friends with other students at Grimm Academy. Lea’s best friend is a girl named Cassandra “Cassie” Swan. Cassie is the same age as Lea and is the daughter of Odette from the tale of Swan Lake. Cassie is very nice and kind like her mother. Her mother, Odette, is the nurse of the Grimm Academy. While her father is a music teacher. Cassie is very popular at the Grimm Academy and is a tutor for students who need help. Cassie is Lea’s most loyal and best friend.

The next friend Lea meets is a boy named Cyrus Tucker. He has been in Grimm Academy all his life and he is a student of Puss in Boots. Cyrus is the son of Prince Jean who is the owner of Puss in Boots. Unfortunately, Prince Jean is a very busy man and has no time to be with his son. Puss decides that he will be with Cyrus because Puss is more of father figure to Cyrus. Puss is even training Cyrun to become a master of sword fighting. Cyrus is very interested in Lea and trusts her with secrets that no one else knows. Cyrus has the ability to talk to animals thanks to Puss in Boots.

Lea thinks that another girl is her friend however, this girl has a tomboy personality. Her name is Sirena Largan. She is 15 years old and is the daughter of the Frog Prince. The Frog Prince’s name is Prince Anderson Largan. Sirena wants to be a sword fighter when she is older. The reason why Sirena is a tomboy is that when she was a little girl she was made fun of because of her parents. Sirena hated that so much, she decided to get tough and be a tomboy.

So what fairy tale characters will play a role in this series? The first character that be introduce is Jack Leafman. He is Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack is the principal of the Grimm Academy. The only reason why is because he is the hero and should be in charge. Jack didn’t want to be in charge of Grimm Academy but the staff insisted. The staff are a group of fairy tale characters. The principle’s assistant is Goldilocks but her real name is Sara. Sara has feelings for Jack and he knows that. Sara only came to Grimm Academy to have a better life. Prince Anderson is a sword fighting teacher. He is a very complicated man and is trying to help his daughter out. His wife, on the other hand, is spoiled and nuts. The others are different from Anderson and his wife. The next character is Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notra-Dame. I know that he died in the end of Victor Hugo’s story. However, Quasimodo was the only character brought back to life from the Hunchback of Notra-Dame. Quasimodo is the chief of Grimm Academy and he treats Lea the same way he treated Esmeralda.

Another teacher is Maya from Thumbalina who is a fairy. Maya has this high tiny voice that brings people to her attention. There are also the gardeners Mrs White and Mrs Red from the story Snow White and Rose Red. Mr Gold who is also known as Rumpelstilskin who is an medicine teacher and Mr Wood who is actually Pinocchio. Prince Jean is a groundskeeper. Others will appear but, the one who brought these characters altogether was no other than, Merlin.

We all know Merlin from the tales of King Arthur. Well, he traveled to parallel worlds where the fairy tale characters lived. He brought them to Earth so he can show the fairy tale characters to life on Earth. That is where he founded the Grimm Academy for fairy tale characters. If Merlin is still around, is he safe from evil? No, he is not. Merlin has a powerful enemy named Ryla. She was Merlin’s foster daughter and apprentice. She later became dark person after having an affair with a king. Ryla’s magic and Merlin’s magic are bounded together. Any spell casting that Merlin makes, Ryla will go and find him. Ryla is called the Violet Witch and hides secrets that must not be told.

When Merlin heard about Lea’s arrival to Grimm Academy, Merlin decided to be Lea’s tutor. Until she graduates from Grimm Academy. Lea was very excited to have Merlin as her tutor. She knows how famous Merlin is. Before Lea went to Grimm Academy, Lea was a girl who was very into her books. Just like her mother. Lea soon joins the Student Council and becomes one of the popular girls in school. However, Lea stays true to herself and is prepared for anything that happens to her, her friends, her family, or at Grimm Academy.

The setting of the series is what lead my inspiration for this series. Carmel, California had these fairy tale houses and I thought that this small town was a perfect town for a fairy tale story. If you have any spare time in your life right now, please go to Carmel, California. You will definitely love this town as much as I did. Carmel, California is a town of inspiration for people.

I do hope you will enjoy this series and please leave a comment down below. I will definitely write this series as soon as possible! 😄💗


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