The Seven Kingdoms

I have already told you about my Grimm Academy series. Now I will tell you about another fairy tale series,The Seven Kingdoms. Why is there another fairy tale series? Well my Grimm Academy series is about fairy tales that aren’t well known. However, this series focuses on fairy tales that are very popular. This series is a spin-off series of Grimm Academy. I do hope that you will like the series.

The books are called:
1.The Sun’s Child
2. The Enchanted Princess
3. The Breaking Ice

The main characters of this series aren’t the ones I made up myself. Theses characters are very popular to everyone. They are Hansel and Gretel. We all know Hansel and Gretel from their tale of escaping the evil witch of the gingerbread house. Well there’s more information then you know about them. Hansel and Gretel are the son and daughter of the Huntsman from the tale of Snow White. Hansel is the eldest and his more like his father. While Gretel is kindhearted and brave. Together, they have the strength and courage to accomplish anything. They are no longer the little kids that we know. Hansel is seventeen and Gretel is fifteen; they are teenagers.

However, there are more characters in this series. The next character in this series is a young princess named Princess Rue. She is the daughter of Queen Briar Rose a.k.a Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip. Rue is also the heir of the Enchanted Kingdom throne. She is Hansel’s love interest and friend. Princess Rue is best friends with Gretel and is Enchanted Kingdom’s beloved princess along with her mother. Before Princess Rue was born, the Enchanted Kingdom had to go through restoration because of Briar Rose’s one hundred year long sleep. After the marriage of Briar Rose and Prince Philip, Briar Rose was soon become queen of the Enchanted Kingdom. Rue is also seventeen as Hansel is.

The another character I will introduce is a princess. Her name is Princess Aisling. She is the daughter of Queen Ella a.k.a Cinderella and King Cesar Charming of the Charming Kingdom. Like Princess Rue, Aisling is the most beloved princess of her kingdom and the heir of the Charming Kingdom throne. She is different from other princesses because her likes sword fighting,hunting, and going on adventures beyond her kingdom. Aisling’s mother, Queen Ella, has become overprotective of her daughter. She wants her to be safe and away from harm. Queen Ella is thinking of letting her daughter have a bodyguard to watch over her.

I could tell you more about kings, queens, princes, and princesses of The Seven Kingdoms. However, I would rather tell you about the series villainess. She is an evil queen who is has wants to have absolute power. She is none other than the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen’s real name is Princess Eira of The Forgotten Kingdom. She is the older sister of Queen Pandora a.k.a the Evil Queen. Before became the Snow Queen, she was a young princess who was a child prodigy. Until an evil spell was put on the kingdom an she was turned into a wickedly person with pale skin and white hair. Eira’s younger sister manage to escape, but she had to live a life a peasant girl. So when she was older, she married Snow White’s father and took the throne as queen.

Enough with characters, I will tell you more about The Seven Kingdoms. This series has seven kingdoms. They’re the Northern Kingdom (ruled by Snow White), Enchanted Kingdom (ruled by Briar Rose), Charming Kingdom (ruled by Cinderella and Prince Charming), Southern Kingdom (ruled by Rapunzel), Snow Kingdom (ruled by the Snow Queen), Fairy Kingdom (ruled by The Fairy Godmother and her court), and the Dark Forest (a kingdom which is ruled by a goblin king named King Jareth).

I believe that you will like this series as much as you like Grimm Academy. Make such you comment down below to see what you think of The Seven Kingdoms. šŸ˜ƒā¤


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