Captain Huntington

Captain Huntington

In an Australian coastal island village, a young boy named Eli Robins is an outcast and an embarrassment to everyone in the village of Watermill. Eli is an outcast because he is the half brother of the Banning Brothers. The Banning Brothers are twin sons of the Mayor. Eli wants to be liked by everyone and to win the heart of Shirley Hutton, the most beautiful girl in town. Eli is the apprentice of Captain Huntington, the mightiest Australian captain of the seven seas.

When the Mayor dies and the Banning Brothers start a sibling rivalry, Australian pirates plan to invade and take over the small island village. The only thing that can save Watermill is Eli and Captain Huntington. If this duo are defeated, Watermill will become the home for pirates, not for sailors. The moral of this story is to be yourself and to be brave. It takes place in the roaring twenties.

The story is based on the story, Puss in Boots.
Eli Robins is based off from the Peasant Boy
Captain Huntington is based off from Puss in Boots
Shirley Hutton is based off from the Princess
The Banning Brothers is based off from the Miller’s other sons
Mayor Banning is based off from the king and the miller
Captain Titus of the Pirates is based off from the Ogre

I got the inspiration from Popeye and from Nim’s Island.


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