The Ghosts of Sleepy Hollow

The Ghosts of Sleepy Hollow

After the murder of Ichabod Crane, the town of Sleepy Hollow seems to be moving on. However, the lovely and beautiful Katerina Van Tessell is not going to accept the murder of a kindly schoolmaster. Why wouldn’t she? Katerina is engaged to a man named Brum Bones. Bones was a man who can get away with anything. Suddenly, a detective from New York heard about Crane’s murder and decides to take the case. Katrina tries helping the detective solve this case and bring justice to Ichabod’s murderer. However, Katrina starts seeing ghosts. What do these ghosts have to do with anything? And who killed Ichabod Crane?

I was inspired by the story of The Headless Horseman. The story ended tragically, because Ichabod was in love with Katerina. However, in the story, there was a love triangle between Katerina, Ichabod, and Bones. At the end of the story, Ichabod ends up being beheaded by the Headless Horseman. Bones then becomes engaged to Katrina. So, I went to Wikipedia to look at some others facts about the story. The first time I heard the story, I was with my grammar tutor, Teresa. At the end of the story, I was upset that it didn’t have a happy ending. So, that’s why I’ll always view it as a sad story.


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