Fairest of Them All

The Fairest of Them All

In 17th century Hungry, sixteen year old Lady IIona Karman was living a peaceful life with her father. Her mother may be gone, but she had a gentle life of kindness, wealth, and a gift of taming any living creature. Until she met Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The countess is a powerful woman with a awful secret. One day when one of the countess’s henchmen tried to kill her and take her blood, IIona escapes with her life and hides in a house of seven dwarfs and one mysterious boy named Tibor. However, is IIona safe from the countess? Or will she fall into the hands of a sinner?

Retelling of Snow White
Lady IIona Karman as Snow White
Countess Elizabeth Bathory as Evil Queen
Lord Karman as Good King
Countess’s henchman dwarf as Huntsman

Seven Dwarfs
1. Hans (age:54)
The oldest and wisest dwarf who knows the countess’s secret. He is the leader of the dwarfs.
2. Remus (age: 44)
A dwarf who has a scar on his eyebrow from a battle he fought in the Ottoman Wars. A Ottoman soldier gave it to him.
3. Julius (age:30)
A dwarf who is the son of Hans.
4. Wilhelm (age:21)
A dwarf who loves eating food.
5. Fredric (age:20)
A dwarf who was raised by monks and is very religious.
6. Char (age: 20)
A dwarf who was raised by nomads. He have seen the beautiful wonders of Asia.
7. Ivan (age: 19)
The youngest dwarf who is befriends Lady IIona.

The countryside of Hungry and woods of Transylvania
The Cottage (woods of Transylvania)

Young adult and Lady IIona’s POV! I hope you enjoy this post. 🙂


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