The Favorite Summer

My name is Emma Dane. I live with my mother who is Canadian-American and is an irresponsible parent.
This summer was suppose to be different. I was actually going to an acting camp with my friends for the summer. Suddenly, I heard the news that I can’t go because Mom is sending me to see my father. I didn’t know what she was thinking! I haven’t seen my father in two years.
What am I suppose to do with him? Is he still the same? Or has he changed in the last two years?

This is a father and daughter story where you can reconnect and find your true self. In this story, there also redemption. Landon, Emma’s father, is about to go through depression; but Emma comes in and saves him.

Emma Dane (age: 15)
A young girl who visits her father after two years of separation. Emma’s month long visit proofed to be one of the best experience in her life.
Landon Dane
Emma’s father who is a photographer living on an habited island off the coast of Florida. Landon has been a lonely man for two years. Emma’s trip also affected him because it redeemed himself from depression.
Leslie Adams (age: 19)
A young woman who befriends Emma during Emma’s trip. During the story, Emma learns that Leslie has tuberculosis.
Mrs. Huston
A grandmotherly lady who picks up Emma at the airport. She’s Landon’s neighbor on the island.
Anna Gram
A middle aged woman who is around Landon’s age. She was first introduced as a lost hiker who was founded by Landon. Later on, Anna became a love interest to Landon.

If you are a man and have a daughter, you may enjoy this. I have a good relationship with my father and I wanted to something like this for fun. I hope you like this post. Please leave a comment below. Thank you! 🙂


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