The Tudor Blade

During the rule of King Henry 8th, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the king, has been accused of crimes she would never commit. She is sentenced to death by being beheaded.
In France, a young man named Philipe is one of best swordsman in France. Everything was going well for him. Until the day he was sent to England for a task.
From the orders of the English king, Philipe must kill Anne Boleyn at her execution. Henry 8th wants Philipe to behead his second wife! He doesn’t want to do it. But, Philipe has to do it. Despite him having a nervous breakdown and praying to God that he wouldn’t be sinned by this execution.

The story is based on the execution of Anne Boleyn. Philipe, however, is a fictional character. It appears that nobody knows who the executioner was. So, I decided to create this character and tell his side of the story.


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