Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a group of short stories where characters from Grimm Academy and the Shadow of London meet. I thought it would be very interesting if these two collided. Not all the characters are going to meet. Only the important characters will meet each other.
Grimm’s Shadow
A short story where adult versions of Cassie Swan, from Grimm Academy, and Juliet Dalca, from The Shadow of London, talk and help each other with their life problems. Which are marriages and jobs. In Los Angeles, California, U.S.
The Shade of Grimm
A short story where Merlin, from Grimm Academy, and Doctor St. Helen, from The Shadow of London, meet and battle an evil character. In Paris, France, before book 2 of Grimm Academy and events in Shadow of London trilogy.
The Other Magic
A short story where Lea Marchand, from Grimm Academy, meets Abe St. Helen. They meet in Carmel, California during a vampire attack. After events in the Grimm Academy books and the Shadow of London trilogy.


The Innocent Ones

I am trying something new. Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and so on. Sadly, no one else knows any other fairy tales like the Wild Swans, or Snow White and Rose Red. So, I decided to write a fairy tale retelling of a Brothers Grimm tale called Brother and Sister. If you want to know about this tale, please go and do some research.

A young girl, Jane Briggs, and her little brother runaway from their stepmother. They were safe staying at their uncle’s house. Suddenly, Jane goes missing and no one knows where she is or what happen to her. The detectives suspect that Jane’s stepmother is responsible. Did the wicked stepmother do it? Or is there more to the story than meets the eye?

Jane Briggs (age: 17)
A young girl who lived with her family and had a good life. Until she disappears without a single trace. We learn that she saw something brutal and runs away with her little brother. They soon find a safe haven at their uncle’s house. She disappears because of what she saw in her own home.
Andrew Briggs (age: 12)
Jane’s little brother who is a very sweet boy. He runs away with Jane from their stepmother. When Jane disappears, he joins search groups in hope of finding his sister. The story revolves around the love between Andrew and Jane. Andrew tries his best to solve the mystery.
Neil Herman
The uncle of Jane and Andrew who tries to keep them safe. When he is first introduced, he mistaken his nephew for a deer. He’s the first one to find out about Jane’s disappearance. He joins the search groups and believes that their stepmother is the prime suspect of Jane’s disappearance.
Clara Briggs (née. Smith)
The stepmother of Jane and Andrew Briggs. Clara is a mysterious lady who may be a wicked stepmother, or a framed suspect. She married into Jane’s family and gave them a good life. When Jane goes missing, Clara is suspected to be a serial killer and may have killed Jane.
Miles Johnston (age: 17)
Jane’s boyfriend who is in love with Jane. The couple has been dating for two months. Miles didn’t know that Jane ran away with her brother. When he learns of his girlfriend’s disappearance, he tries so hard to find his girlfriend. Miles then helps Andrew when he says that he’s on to something.

Present Day
The story take place in the state of California. The mystery of the story is in a small town called Danville. The police department is called Danville Police Department.

The Innocent Ones will not be how you think it’ll go this fairy tale. The story will have twists and will focus on the love between the sister and brother.