Those Circularly Roses

This one is different from the other ones. In this one, I got to play with senses. The poem focuses on what the smell of roses looks like. I had to be creative and descriptive. In the end, I think this poem turned out well. I hope you enjoy it.

Those Circularly Roses:

Those circularly roses of mine!
How sweet they are.
Carrying the scent from middle to end.
Oh, one sniff of the pleasant air.
Can no other flower compare?

Those colorful roses of mine!
White steals the scent of vanilla,
Pink takes the scent of strawberry,
And red breathes the scent of cherry.

Those radiant roses of mine!
It’s a beautiful sight.
It’s a beautiful life.

One last note:
I have taken creative writing for the first semester of high school. During that time, there was a unit where I had to write poetry. There will be more poems, but I didn’t write a lot of them. If anyone wants more poems from me, I will try and write more. Thank you.


Growing Up

My next poem is a metaphor poem. It’s also a poem about growing up. This poem is about how we move on as we grow older. By the way, if you read any books by John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska), you may know that John Green likes to use metaphors. For example, ‘Light is the invisible sign of the invisible light.’ Not only is this poem comparing two unlikely things, but it’s also a reliable one. A poem like this my touch you and give you the feels.

Here is:

Growing Up
Growing up is a walk of freedom.
The road is a long ribbon.
One step brings you up.
There’s no turning back.
The mind starts to grow,
The world begins to burst,
And the height takes its shape.

The road never stops.
Speed bumps block the way.
The lore starts to bloom.
You make the choices.
All the tears have fallen.
No child is free of living.
The walk of freedom goes on.
It’ll lead you to the walk of life.


My next poem is a narrative poem. There is a time where I’m interested in a movie. One time, I was interested in a movie called Life is Beautiful. Life is Beautiful is Italian movie about a Jewish man trying to protect his young son during the Holocaust. This poem is based on a scene in this movie. I hope you enjoy it.

The opera was full of magic.
Two singers dressed with grace.
They gave strong notes.
The music supported their song.
People, high and low, stared forward,
Everyone watched except for one man.

His head pointed high to the left.
He came to see his ‘princess.’
He came for the woman he loves.
She was only focused on the opera.
The man quietly begged his princess.
He moved his fingers to make her turn.

Magically, the princess slowly turned.
With a sparkle in her eyes, she looked.
The singers and the music continued.
The air became romantic.

The Good Lie

My next poem is about a twisted lie. It may not be the poem that came right after the Bad Car. This poem, however, was enjoyed by my mom and dad. This poem is also named after a movie that came out in 2014. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my second poem, which is a hyperbole.

The Good Lie
The lie was so good that
I twisted my head
And kicked my feet.
I jumped to raise the heat.
My heart took every beat.

The lie was so good that
I clapped my hands.
I even kissed a man!
I joined a band,
I was their fan.

Sadly, the lie wasn’t true.
I felt a little blue.
The awful tears blew,
And I never that
Sadness can twist the truth.

Bad Car

I am starting to add to some new posts where they are poems. Not story ideas, but creative poems. There will be more story ideas; however, I will try to do something new. Today, the first poem is Bad Car. A limerick that is true and funny!

Bad Car
There once was a car,
That was filthy by far.
It smelled like a trash can.
It was an uncomfortable van.
Please, get me out of this car!

This limerick was inspired by a real car. At my school, Silicon Valley Flex Academy, I had to take carpool. I have two carpool buddies who are boys. One of them has a mom who drives a terrible van that is filthy and full of junk. It’s over ten years old and is almost dead. I sit in a seat that isn’t reclined, and I’m annoyed by the smell and junk in the car. I try to be nice to the mother and the son in car. In my head, however, I just want to scream ‘Get A New Car!’

Anyway, I’ll see you all soon.