Bad Car

I am starting to add to some new posts where they are poems. Not story ideas, but creative poems. There will be more story ideas; however, I will try to do something new. Today, the first poem is Bad Car. A limerick that is true and funny!

Bad Car
There once was a car,
That was filthy by far.
It smelled like a trash can.
It was an uncomfortable van.
Please, get me out of this car!

This limerick was inspired by a real car. At my school, Silicon Valley Flex Academy, I had to take carpool. I have two carpool buddies who are boys. One of them has a mom who drives a terrible van that is filthy and full of junk. It’s over ten years old and is almost dead. I sit in a seat that isn’t reclined, and I’m annoyed by the smell and junk in the car. I try to be nice to the mother and the son in car. In my head, however, I just want to scream ‘Get A New Car!’

Anyway, I’ll see you all soon.


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