My next poem is a narrative poem. There is a time where I’m interested in a movie. One time, I was interested in a movie called Life is Beautiful. Life is Beautiful is Italian movie about a Jewish man trying to protect his young son during the Holocaust. This poem is based on a scene in this movie. I hope you enjoy it.

The opera was full of magic.
Two singers dressed with grace.
They gave strong notes.
The music supported their song.
People, high and low, stared forward,
Everyone watched except for one man.

His head pointed high to the left.
He came to see his ‘princess.’
He came for the woman he loves.
She was only focused on the opera.
The man quietly begged his princess.
He moved his fingers to make her turn.

Magically, the princess slowly turned.
With a sparkle in her eyes, she looked.
The singers and the music continued.
The air became romantic.


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