Growing Up

My next poem is a metaphor poem. It’s also a poem about growing up. This poem is about how we move on as we grow older. By the way, if you read any books by John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska), you may know that John Green likes to use metaphors. For example, ‘Light is the invisible sign of the invisible light.’ Not only is this poem comparing two unlikely things, but it’s also a reliable one. A poem like this my touch you and give you the feels.

Here is:

Growing Up
Growing up is a walk of freedom.
The road is a long ribbon.
One step brings you up.
There’s no turning back.
The mind starts to grow,
The world begins to burst,
And the height takes its shape.

The road never stops.
Speed bumps block the way.
The lore starts to bloom.
You make the choices.
All the tears have fallen.
No child is free of living.
The walk of freedom goes on.
It’ll lead you to the walk of life.


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