Those Circularly Roses

This one is different from the other ones. In this one, I got to play with senses. The poem focuses on what the smell of roses looks like. I had to be creative and descriptive. In the end, I think this poem turned out well. I hope you enjoy it.

Those Circularly Roses:

Those circularly roses of mine!
How sweet they are.
Carrying the scent from middle to end.
Oh, one sniff of the pleasant air.
Can no other flower compare?

Those colorful roses of mine!
White steals the scent of vanilla,
Pink takes the scent of strawberry,
And red breathes the scent of cherry.

Those radiant roses of mine!
It’s a beautiful sight.
It’s a beautiful life.

One last note:
I have taken creative writing for the first semester of high school. During that time, there was a unit where I had to write poetry. There will be more poems, but I didn’t write a lot of them. If anyone wants more poems from me, I will try and write more. Thank you.


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