Just Because

This poem is very special to be. I’ve written this poem in my English class. The teacher wanted us to write a poem about breaking a stereotype. This poem is about breaking the stereotype of a dyslexic kid. After I written, I sent it into a contest called Karina Eide Young Writers Awards. I even won an award: The Special Recognition Award from Dyslexic Advantage. The main reason why I wanted to write this poem was because I want dyslexia to be recognized. There are kids out there who need help in not just reading, but learning in general. I hope you enjoy it.

Just because I have dyslexia,
Doesn’t mean I’m unable to read
I love to read!
Reading wants to make me a writer.
I have a collection of a variety of books,
And a library card.
Just because I have dyslexia,
Doesn’t mean I’m unable to understand.
I understand many things.
It’s the complexity that leaves me perplexed.
Just because I have dyslexia,
It doesn’t mean you can ignore me.
I’m not the only one.
Please let people know.
I want you to know what it’s like.
I’m not stupid just because I have dyslexia.
They’re just simple, everyday mistakes.

Emily Gray


A Storm of Ice

Hello, Reader
I’ve written this poem a long time ago. I believe it was for my Creative Writing online class. I kept it in a journal that I used for that class. I don’t know where it is now, but at least I saved this poem of my computer. I hope you enjoy it.

The sun shined gold
The trees stand mighty tall
Nobody did anything at all
The predators were bold
The little ones played ball
The prey hide from all
They knew their bodies were sold

Hush, the clouds grew dark
They began to cry with tears of ice
All animals knew the price
Many drops left their mark
This storm wasn’t nice
No animal could survive inside the tree’s bark

I’ll be publishing more poems soon. Please leave a comment if you liked this. Thank you.
Emily Gray


Dear Reader,

If anyone is reading this now, I want you to know that I hope you read this first before you read anything else I’ve posted. A long time ago, I created this blog to share with you the stories ideas are possibly never going to be developed and the poems I’ve written for school. I’m sure if you checked the dates, you’ll see that I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Well, it’s hard to explain. I was dealing with school, the crazy events in my life, and developing more as a writer.

When it came to school, my life got a bit hard. I was going to a school called Silicon Valley Flex Academy. It was a charter school and it’s where students learn from an online system called K-12. I was happy there when I first got there. Then, it developed more into a special needs school. I wasn’t happy about that because most of my peers became rude and not nice. I did find kids who were nice, but they weren’t the majority. I was under a lot of stress. So much so that the school taught I was one of the poor behaved students. In actually, I wasn’t, I was just stressed out.

After sophomore year, I really didn’t want to go back to SVFlex. During the summer, to my surprise, I eventually learned that the school was going to be shut down. There were many reasons why, but mainly it was because it lost its charter. My parents did the best they could with finding a new school for me. They were able to find a Christian school. It’s not a overly religious school. It’s definitely a better school.

Since I have written some more and gotten use to my creative writing, I think it’s more professional than before. What I plan to do is post more poetry. It seems to be more popular here than the ideas themselves. I’m fine with that. Perhaps, I will post more stories ideas, but we’ll see. Please stay in touch if you want to read them for yourself.

Emily Gray