An Ode for Raphael

This is another poem I’ve written a long time ago. It was during the time that I was learning about the Renaissance and Raphael himself. Out of all of the famous artists, Raphael was my favorite, and still is today. I found his life to be very interesting. I wrote this ode to him to show how special he is. This poem is a two-part ode. I couldn’t share my desire for him into just one part. So, here it is.

(Part 1)
This man lived long ago.
He was talented and handsome.
At a young age, he knew where he have to go.
Through his life, he was never lonesome.
His talent came from oils and painting.
We remember him in a renaissance.
His paintings define the time.
He never kept anyone waiting.
The ideas he believed had essence.
We would’ve enjoyed cups of wine.

(Part 2)
Raphael was the man!
I loved the art he makes.
These brilliant paintings means great hands.
His figures are alive and awake.
All I ask is for more.
Sadly, he is forever young in death.
He was a creative master from the past.
He should be forever adored.
I think of him with every breath.
My dreams of him will always last.

If you want me to do more odes, please let me know in the comments. I have a couple of ideas. Thank you for reading.

Emily Gray


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