Culture Shattering

Dear Reader,
After my former school got shut down, I spent my junior year at a small Christian school. While I was there, I wrote poems and a short story based on events in the Holy Bible. For this poem, this was inspired by the Tower of Babel. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Culture Shattering
The city was a working beehive
The sun was a bold sparkling flower
The sky’s limit could never get higher
Only the tower was able to touch
The tower in the city was a long ladder
It still stood long after
The tower can take so much

Wait! The tower is crumbling
The sky grows darker in anger
The people could feel it and the danger
Our culture is shattering
The Father plans no wager
The tower falls and no one can save her

Thank you for reading.

Emily Gray


Outside Looking In

Dear Reader,
I’m posting another poem. Please check out my previous poem down below. You can also look at the other posts if you haven’t already. I don’t know what inspired me to write this poem, but I hope enjoy it.

Look at the sky,
The clouds start to turn grey.
It’s going to be a gloomy day.
Please, I’m trying to get by.

I look up at the sky.
Drops of rain began to fall.
As soon as they hit the ground, they die.
It’s a shame the drops aren’t like balls.

Why is God crying?
Aren’t these drops His tears?
We sometimes loose the items we hold dear.
Life is worth living than dying.

I try to think of any positives to say.
New things are worth trying.
Tomorrow will be better than today.
A value of all life is time.

Thank you for reading. I’ll will post more videos in the future.

Emily Gray

Big and Loud

Dear Reader,
I apologize for not posting in a while. I had to finish up my junior year of high school. Now, I have summer vacation. I can post more posts and keep you updated. This is a poem inspired by a musical number from a movie called Cats Don’t Dance. I hope you enjoy it.

Big and Loud!
Make it big and loud!
Do something amazing!
Be big!
Be huge!
Be loud!
Be proud!
Say something bold!
Say something new!
Do anything!
Do it now!

Thank you for reading. Please check out the other posts down below and leave a comment.

Emily Gray