Culture Shattering

Dear Reader,
After my former school got shut down, I spent my junior year at a small Christian school. While I was there, I wrote poems and a short story based on events in the Holy Bible. For this poem, this was inspired by the Tower of Babel. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Culture Shattering
The city was a working beehive
The sun was a bold sparkling flower
The sky’s limit could never get higher
Only the tower was able to touch
The tower in the city was a long ladder
It still stood long after
The tower can take so much

Wait! The tower is crumbling
The sky grows darker in anger
The people could feel it and the danger
Our culture is shattering
The Father plans no wager
The tower falls and no one can save her

Thank you for reading.

Emily Gray


Outside Looking In

Dear Reader,
I’m posting another poem. Please check out my previous poem down below. You can also look at the other posts if you haven’t already. I don’t know what inspired me to write this poem, but I hope enjoy it.

Look at the sky,
The clouds start to turn grey.
It’s going to be a gloomy day.
Please, I’m trying to get by.

I look up at the sky.
Drops of rain began to fall.
As soon as they hit the ground, they die.
It’s a shame the drops aren’t like balls.

Why is God crying?
Aren’t these drops His tears?
We sometimes loose the items we hold dear.
Life is worth living than dying.

I try to think of any positives to say.
New things are worth trying.
Tomorrow will be better than today.
A value of all life is time.

Thank you for reading. I’ll will post more videos in the future.

Emily Gray

Big and Loud

Dear Reader,
I apologize for not posting in a while. I had to finish up my junior year of high school. Now, I have summer vacation. I can post more posts and keep you updated. This is a poem inspired by a musical number from a movie called Cats Don’t Dance. I hope you enjoy it.

Big and Loud!
Make it big and loud!
Do something amazing!
Be big!
Be huge!
Be loud!
Be proud!
Say something bold!
Say something new!
Do anything!
Do it now!

Thank you for reading. Please check out the other posts down below and leave a comment.

Emily Gray

An Ode for Raphael

This is another poem I’ve written a long time ago. It was during the time that I was learning about the Renaissance and Raphael himself. Out of all of the famous artists, Raphael was my favorite, and still is today. I found his life to be very interesting. I wrote this ode to him to show how special he is. This poem is a two-part ode. I couldn’t share my desire for him into just one part. So, here it is.

(Part 1)
This man lived long ago.
He was talented and handsome.
At a young age, he knew where he have to go.
Through his life, he was never lonesome.
His talent came from oils and painting.
We remember him in a renaissance.
His paintings define the time.
He never kept anyone waiting.
The ideas he believed had essence.
We would’ve enjoyed cups of wine.

(Part 2)
Raphael was the man!
I loved the art he makes.
These brilliant paintings means great hands.
His figures are alive and awake.
All I ask is for more.
Sadly, he is forever young in death.
He was a creative master from the past.
He should be forever adored.
I think of him with every breath.
My dreams of him will always last.

If you want me to do more odes, please let me know in the comments. I have a couple of ideas. Thank you for reading.

Emily Gray

Who Should be the Genie in a Live-Action Aladdin?

Dear Reader,
First of all, I want to clarify that if you check the categories, it’ll say Movie Report. That’s because I created that category a long time ago. I was going to use it, but never got to. Anyway, I’m using this to talk about a casting idea for a live-action fairy tale movie in development: Aladdin. The movie is going to be directed by Guy Ritchie and will probably be a musical.

One day, My mom and I were in the hot tub and having a casual conversation. When she was facing me, she had an idea.

“You know,” Mom said. “There should be a live-action Aladdin movie.”

“Actually,” I replied. “Disney is making one.”

“Really?” she exclaimed.

I nodded by head to insure that it was true.

“Whose going to play the Genie?” Mom asked.

It was a good question. Who was going to play the Genie, one of Robin William’s famous roles? We talked about some actors who absolutely can pull off what Robin has done. While I thought of Robert Downey Jr. or Kevin Hart, Mom came upon with a really fantastic casting idea. Jeff Dunham playing the Genie. To me, that’s too good to be true.

If you don’t know, Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist that my parents and I watch. He’s so funny and I can easily picture him doing impressions like Robin Williams. It makes sense to me because he has puppets he not only voices, but interacts with.

I hope that you think so too. For those of you who are fans of Jeff Dunham, do you think he would make a good Genie? Please let me know. Thank you for reading.

Emily Gray

Just Because

This poem is very special to be. I’ve written this poem in my English class. The teacher wanted us to write a poem about breaking a stereotype. This poem is about breaking the stereotype of a dyslexic kid. After I written, I sent it into a contest called Karina Eide Young Writers Awards. I even won an award: The Special Recognition Award from Dyslexic Advantage. The main reason why I wanted to write this poem was because I want dyslexia to be recognized. There are kids out there who need help in not just reading, but learning in general. I hope you enjoy it.

Just because I have dyslexia,
Doesn’t mean I’m unable to read
I love to read!
Reading wants to make me a writer.
I have a collection of a variety of books,
And a library card.
Just because I have dyslexia,
Doesn’t mean I’m unable to understand.
I understand many things.
It’s the complexity that leaves me perplexed.
Just because I have dyslexia,
It doesn’t mean you can ignore me.
I’m not the only one.
Please let people know.
I want you to know what it’s like.
I’m not stupid just because I have dyslexia.
They’re just simple, everyday mistakes.

Emily Gray

A Storm of Ice

Hello, Reader
I’ve written this poem a long time ago. I believe it was for my Creative Writing online class. I kept it in a journal that I used for that class. I don’t know where it is now, but at least I saved this poem of my computer. I hope you enjoy it.

The sun shined gold
The trees stand mighty tall
Nobody did anything at all
The predators were bold
The little ones played ball
The prey hide from all
They knew their bodies were sold

Hush, the clouds grew dark
They began to cry with tears of ice
All animals knew the price
Many drops left their mark
This storm wasn’t nice
No animal could survive inside the tree’s bark

I’ll be publishing more poems soon. Please leave a comment if you liked this. Thank you.
Emily Gray

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